Nokia to Update Apps on its Windows Phone Devices

While its current crop of Windows Phone 7.5 devices won't be able to run Windows Phone 8, Nokia is doing its best to console current owners by updating the apps on its lineup, and adding two new ones, too.

Announced at the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Summit in San Francisco, the most touted new features were in the camera app, which now has a self-timer, action shot (burst mode), panorama, and "smart group shot," which captures a series of images of a group of people, lets you select the best facial expression for each person, and combines them into one shot. This last technology was built by Scalado, which was acquired by Nokia.

The two new apps are Nokia PlayTo, a DLNA app that will let users stream music and multimedia from their phone to other devices on the same network, and Nokia Counter, which monitors your data usage, and lets you also set limits.

Updated apps include Nokia Music 3.0 features an improved Gig finder, making it easier to find when and where bands are playing, and Nokia Commute, which uses Nokia Drive to analyze your route to and from work, to help you find the best way home.

All of these apps will be released next week.