Next major addition to Nintendo's Splatoon adds new weapons, maps, and game modes

Nintendo's squid-based shooter Splatoon might have been a little light on content at launch, but it has more than made up for it with the sheer amount that has been added to the game after release. While some gamers aren't happy that content was held back at the start, at least Nintendo has released all of it at no additional cost.

The second Splatoon Splatfest kicked off earlier this month on July 17, and prior to the event a new map, Moray Towers, was added to the game. While that seems to be the only major content addition we'll see this month, it seems that Nintendo has big plans for next month.

Word came from the official Japanese Twitter account that Splatoon's next major content pack will be out next month, and the tweet was spotted by Siliconera. Along with the tweet came a video (again, in Japanese) giving a quick glimpse as some of the new additions to the game.

Currently, not many specific details are known about the update, but it's clear from Nintendo's video teaser released last week that a number of weapons have been added. Paint variations on the shooter weapons like the shotgun, minigun, and rocket launcher all appear to be new, according to analysis of the trailer from YouTube channel GameXplain.

Two new levels are also visible in the trailer. One is a rooftop battleground, while the other takes place on a bridge not entirely unlike San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge.

It's not all new maps and weapons, however: Splatoon is also getting two brand new game modes. Not much is known about the modes except their names: Tag Match and Private Match. The names seem fairly self-explanatory, but the same could have been said about the Ranked Match option, which ended up surprising gamers.

The new content drops on August 6. To help pass the time, see how much new stuff you can spot in the teaser video.