New iPod nano: 2.5-inch Touchscreen, FM Tuner, Pedometer Built In

The new iPod nano isn't just for exercise nuts. The 7th generation of Apple's portable media device sports a new 2.5-inch display with multitouch capability. It has built in touch controls and an FM tuner with DVR functionality, meaning you can pause and rewind radio shows. The nano is 5.4mm thick, which is 38 percent thinner than the previous version.

You can also play widescreen video, even though we're not sure how many folks will want to do that. However, there's a fitness and pedometer built in, which will appeal to those who like to listen to tunes at the gym or out jogging.

The nano will come in seven different colors--black, purple, green, blue, yellow and red, as well as aluminum--and the wallpaper will match the exterior of the device.

Bluetooth is built in, so users will be able to stream to speakers, headphones and car stereos. The device also uses the all-new reversible "Lightning" iPod nano connector, and should last up to 30 hours when playing music.

The 16GB iPod Nano will be available for $149.