Amazon Alexa will now give you midterm election information

Wondering when the midterm election polls open, or who is running? Just ask Amazon Alexa.

In a Wednesday blog post, Amazon detailed how its virtual assistant can help users before, during, and after the Nov. 6 election.

The online retail giant has teamed up with the nonprofit digital encyclopedia Ballotpedia to equip Alexa with information voters will be looking for as they head to the polls. Leading up to Election Day, you can ask Alexa when the polls open, what's on your ballot, what it means to vote yes or no for a specific state ballot measure, or who is running for a particular office in your state.

On Election Day, Alexa can give you real-time results. Amazon partnered with the Associated Press for this feature. On Nov. 6, you can ask Alexa for an "election update," who is winning in your state, or how a particular candidate is doing.

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After Nov. 6, Alexa will be able to provide information about the outcome of the election. Just ask the virtual assistant what happened in the midterm elections, how many seats your party gained, or how a particular candidate did.

Echo Show owners will be able to both hear and see responses for some midterm elections answers. Graphs will pop up on the screen when you ask who won your state's Governor race or how many seats a party has in the Senate, for instance.

Amazon is expecting users to have a lot of questions about the midterms. During the 2016 presidential election, users asked Alexa "millions of questions," Amazon's Bill Barton wrote. Amazon used what it learned from the presidential election to "evolve and expand" its experience for this go-around.

"In addition to advanced [artificial intelligence] and algorithm efforts, for every major moment like this, we … bring together a dedicated 'war room' of writers, engineers, and data scientists who work together to ensure Alexa is providing customers the most accurate information possible in real-time," Barton wrote.

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