NeatMobile App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Portable Scanner

Portable scanners are helpful tools for the business set, but despite their name, none of them are all that portable. You still have to carry around a roughly one-pound device, adding bulk to your already stuffed laptop bag.

The Neat Company feels your pain. The maker of the NeatReceipts mobile scanner and NeatDesk desktop scanner has introduced its new cloud-based NeatCloud and NeatMobile app, which are designed to make your documents available everywhere and to help you use your smartphone as a scanner.

Unlike standard desktop-based filing systems, NeatCloud automatically sends all of your scanned files to the cloud, where they can be access from whenever you need them. The service comes with a 30-day free trial and costs $14.99 a month thereafter.

Adding to NeatCloud's convenience factor is the new NeatMobile app.  Available for iOS devices and coming soon to Android, the app allows users to scan documents such as receipts, business cards and documents using their phone or tablet's camera. Once a document is scanned, you simply identify whether it is a receipt, card or document and it is automatically added to your NeatCloud account.

So rejoice business traveler, your bags just got a little lighter.