MSI Plans to Refresh Its Gaming Laptop Lineup with Windows 8

Hybrids, convertibles and newfangled laptop lines won't be the only PCs sporting a Windows 8 makeover when the Tile-centric operating system makes its main street debut on October 26th; expect old favorites to slap on a new coat of Modern-style paint as well.  Today, MSI said it plans on refreshing its lineup of laptops with Windows 8 in the coming days.

The refresh includes the budget-friendly GE series, the AMD-powered GX60, and the top-of-the line G series gaming notebooks. The G series consists of the top-notch GT70 and the GT60, the latter of which won our Editors' Choice award for its full HD display and superb gaming performance.

While the majority of media attention has focused on Windows 8's Modern-style interface, Microsoft actually tweaked enough stuff under the hood to make it an intriguing option for power users. The start-up times are simply outstanding, and changes made to the task manager, multi-monitor handling, file history and virtualization options are a big improvement over what's found in Windows 8.