Men twice as likely to post a selfie

When it comes to selfies, it looks like men are the vanity champs. A survey in Britain by smartphone maker HTC found that young guys are twice as likely to post a selfie—figure three times a week, on average, versus 1.6 for women, reports the Irish Examiner.

And the vast majority of those shots (76%) show off their bodies, while less than half of women's selfies (45%) do the same, reports the Telegraph.

More specifically, men are mostly likely to show off their chests (20%), while women are most likely to feature their faces (55%). And what's behind all the men's selfies? Women, generally.

About a quarter of the male respondents ages 18 to 30 say they're posting to make a current or former partner jealous—that's about twice as high as the percentage of women who do the same—and another 10% say it's to make themselves appear more desirable to a potential mate.

Whatever the reasons, a blogger at would like it to end. "Lads we know that you're all better looking than Ryan Gosling, so just stop." (Unless you happen to be Rocky himself on the "Rocky Steps" in Philly.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Men Take Way More Selfies Than Women

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