Leaked image of 'PS4 controller' fuels rumors of next console

A picture said to be of the new PlayStation 4 controller appears to confirm rumors that the new console will feature a touchpad.

The snap appears to feature roughly the same set-up as the current PS3 DualShock 3 devices but with a touchpad instead of the Start and Select buttons.

Gaming website Kotaku is said to have confirmed with insider sources that the device is genuine, but not whether it is the finished article or just a prototype.

It is thought manufacturers Sony are looking to head off competition from the Wii U, which features an enormous touch-sensitive screen.

And Sony already use touch-sensitive software in their well-regarded handheld, the PlayStation Vita.

To see the pictures, visit The Sun.

But there was no sign of a rumored special button on the controller which would allow players to capture 15 minutes of gameplay and upload it to the web.

It is thought Sony will announce the new console -- rumored to be titled PlayStation 4 or Orbis -- at a press conference in New York next Wednesday.

Other whispers have claimed the new device will feature ultra-HD , and eight computer chips in its electronic brain to give it TEN times the processing power of the PS3.

And there have even been claims that this will be the first generation of consoles to offer 3D capability.

But while there have been claims that the device will be backwards-compatible with PS3 controllers and games, insider information suggests that will not be the case.

If the new console is announced next week, Microsoft are likely to release news of their next Xbox soon after -- with both likely to arrive later this year.