Jawbone shakes up fitness-tracker space with $50 UP Move and $180 UP3 devices

Jawbone on Tuesday night unveiled two new devices to complement its current line-up of fitness bands, with each landing at opposite ends of the scale in terms of functionality and price.

At the lower end Jawbone has introduced the UP Move. With a $50 price tag, the new wearable is aimed at those looking to dip their toe into the world of fitness trackers, with the “simple yet savvy” device able to track your steps, exercise, and calories burned as you go through the day. 

On top of that, it also tracks your shut-eye, providing data on hours slept as well as sleep quality.

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Jawbone’s latest tracker hooks up with its new ‘Smart Coach’ insight and coaching engines. Smart Coach processes all the collected data and uses it to offer personalized suggestions on how to improve your health and lifestyle.

If having it strapped around your wrist isn’t your style, the provided clip means you can attach it just about anywhere you like, keeping it out of sight if you prefer.

The UP Move tracker comes in five different colors, and you can mix and match it with different-colored clips and straps, too, till you get it looking just the way you want it.

The new device, which is fitted with a standard watch battery that should give it months of battery life, is up for pre-order now on Jawbone’s website, or you can pick it up at Apple, Best Buy, Target, and Amazon stores later this month.

At $180, the UP3 lands at the pricier end of the scale, but as you’d expect, you’re getting a lot more functionality for the extra bucks, as well as the company’s smallest and lightest tracker yet.

Jawbone’s most advanced fitness-focused wearable to date looks like it’s going to keep even the most committed fitness fanatic happy with its plethora of sensors providing stacks of detailed information to the wearer both day and night.

It’s certainly going big on its heart-rate monitor, which looks to be one of the most sophisticated available on today’s fitness-tracker market.

Ignoring the kind of optical sensors found on other trackers and smartwatches, which usually require larger batteries that lead to chunkier devices, Jawbone has designed its own sensor platform using cutting-edge bioimpedance technology.

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Such technology has allowed Jawbone to design a smaller device with longer battery life (up to seven days), capable of tracking not only heart rate but also respiration rate and skin conductance.

With the UP3, Jawbone says it’s created a comfortable-to-wear tracker that it believes the user will be happy to keep on both day and night. This is important, as the device will record a whole load of detailed data while you’re snoring away in dreamland, with its sensors able to distinguish between three different stages of sleep.

The UP3 comes as a clasp-equipped one-size-fits-all band with a touch-sensitive central unit.

As with all of Jawbone’s trackers, the UP3 also pushes data to Smart Coach to help you make sense of the information and learn how you can improve your health.

Jawbone’s most expensive tracker yet will be available “later this year” at Apple and Best Buy stores in black only, though additional colors are coming next year.