iPhone 'Wave' is a hoax: Don't charge your phone in microwave, cops warn

We're going to say what should be unnecessary: You cannot charge your iPhone in the microwave. Or, as victims of the latest scam from the darlings at 4Chan have found, you can try, but the results won't be much better than sticking it in your pocket and sitting on it.

The hoax is billed as "Wave," reports Mashable, an apparent "iOS8 exclusive" in which you purportedly charge your phone "wirelessly through microwave frequencies ... using any standard household microwave." The slick-looking ad for Wave, which has been making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit, helpfully recommends "60 seconds at 700W or 70 seconds at 800W." It's completely unknown how many suckers fell for Wave, but Mashable notes that "photos of fried iPhones and burned microwaves" are circulating.

And apparently enough of them that the LAPD got in on the action, reports the LA Times. "This #Wave capability is a #hoax. Don't be fooled into microwaving your #iPhone6. #Apple #Smartphone," they tweeted.

Meanwhile, angry Apple users with crispy iPhones aren't the only ones torqued at 4Chan: Celebrities are apparently firing back, too.

This article originally appeared on Newser: Surprise! You Cannot Charge iPhone in Microwave

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