Internet Explorer Users Are Dumber, Study Shows

UPDATE: The widely cited survey claiming Internet Explorer users had lower IQs than people using other web browsers has been revealed as a hoax.

An old geek adage has become much more believable as a new study has found evidence that Internet Explorer users are generally dumber than Chrome and Firefox users.

A company called AptiQuant, a self-proclaimed "world leader in the field of online psychometric testing," published the results of an online study that tested the IQs of users and grouped the results according to which browser respondents used.

The study found that users of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera were all slightly above average in IQ test results, but Microsoft Internet Explorer users tended to be lower on the IQ scale.

These results aren't surprising because browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera are generally used by professionals and other assorted "geeks," while Internet Explorer is the default option on Windows computers and is mostly used by the inexperienced and those who don't even know there are other options.

The data breakdown between multiple versions of Internet Explorer further supports this theory. The users of the oldest versions of Internet Explorer, such as IE6 and IE7, scored lower than users of more recent versions, such as IE8 or IE9.

Interestingly, Internet Explorer did show up higher in the results, but only with users who used the Google Chrome Frame plugin to augment their Internet Explorer browser. In this case, it's still more of a win for Google than it is for Microsoft.

Opera users will be happy to know they averaged the highest IQ scores of all the browsers. Firefox, Chrome and Safari scores were relatively similar to each other, but lower than that of Opera.

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