Windows 8 officially launches in exactly one month, but according to a new report, Intel CEO Paul Otellini says Microsoft's new OS is still far from finished.

Otellini told employees in a closed-door meeting that Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 before it's ready, Bloomberg reports, stating that the operating system is buggy and still needs a host of improvements. Though the words may sound like stark criticism, Otellini went on to say that releasing a half-baked version of Windows 8 is actually a good thing.

Intel's CEO feels that it's important to get Windows 8 devices out in time for the critical holiday shopping season and that Microsoft can always release updates later.

When asked to comment, a Microsoft spokesman told Bloomberg that Windows 8 is the most tested operating system in the company's history.

One area where the operating seems to be lagging is Windows 8 apps, which is a bit troubling when you consider that ARM-based Windows RT devices won't be able to run classic-style desktop programs. The Windows Store only cracked the 2,000 app threshold last Friday, according to WinAppUpdate.com. By contrast, Google announced today that over 675,000 Android apps are available.

Windows 8 is scheduled to launch October 26th.