Productivity beware -- Instagram's new desktop app is coming for you. The company is rolling out a new version of its web app, replacing its old, busy layout with a cleaner, white-space happy design.

Previously, trying to browse Instagram from your computer was unpleasant to say the least. Profile pages were an awkward imitation of those of the mobile app, with profile pictures on the top left side above a collage of some of the user's posted photos. Now, the webpage looks considerably cleaner, with circular profile photos at the top corner next to the profile description in plain, easy to read typography.

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Instead of the previous 5-photo rows, the pages now show rows of 3 larger photos. This is similar to how they appear in the mobile app, but with more white space in between them. Hovering over a photo grays it out slightly, bringing up a snapshot of the number of comments and likes the image received. Clicking a photo lets you see the full-sized version.

Instagram's revamped design looks much like VSCO Cam's Grid view of its web app, which is simple, elegant and showcases large photos at multiple sizes. Instagram may have looked to this app for inspiration, since it's popular among the photography community for its ability to showcase images in all their glory. While this redesign shows that Instagram is playing a bit of catch up, it's a welcome change for a desktop app that was previously a nightmare to use.