HTC May Announce a Windows 8 Phone on Sept 19th

This Fall is a big season for mobile device launches, and HTC is joining the party by announcing a media event on September 19th. While there are no solid rumors as to what might be announced at this event, HTC will most likely announce new Windows 8 devices which will launch alongside Windows 8 in November.

The event invitation supplies only the bare-bones information, the words "Join HTC to see what's next," imply that there will be a new device announcement. A small circular person-like icon provides the only hint of a Windows 8 device with a design reminiscent of Windows 8 styling.

Despite the upcoming announcement, you may want to hold off your next smartphone purchase until the Fall season is completely over: there will be device releases from companies such as Apple, Motorola and LG. This HTC announcement will also fall in the wake of Nokia's Lumia 920 announcement, which will run Windows 8, scheduled for September 5th.