How to Make Your Video Go Viral

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Over 3 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube, and you want yours to be one of them.If you think you produced a video that could hit it big, here is a guide to helping your video go viral.

Social media
Aside from the obvious options of Facebook and Twitter, you have a wide range of resources to promote your video. Make your video available on every website where people share noteworthy online finds, including Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest and Buzzfeed. While many of these websites have overlapping users, do not limit yourself. Post on all of them and make sure you spread the word to every imaginable corner.  Avoid posting multiple times in succession on one site, but make sure to re-post after enough time.  Marketing is a continuous process, and with the speed of the Internet, you have to be insistent to stay on people’s minds.

Use an eye-catching title
Websites simply overflow with information, and video streaming sites, in particular, barrage viewers with text and images. Users mostly scan a page quickly, clicking the most noticeable link. If you use words that spark interest, visitors’ eyes will automatically stop for a moment at your title. To help you choose the perfect phrasing, try using Google Adwords or YouTube Keyword Tool, which help you generate keywords and show which related words people search the most. While writing your title, try to stay catchy and descriptive.

Reach out to your target audience
Appeal to the people who are most likely to watch and share your video. Send your video to relevant blogs and websites. For example, if you are promoting an arts and crafts tutorial, send your video to craft-related blogs. If your video is posted on a popular blog, their readers become your viewers. You can also post the video on relevant online forums or as a related video to another popular video on YouTube. When marketing your video on forums or similar community settings, make sure not to arbitrarily post then leave. You should actually join and engage with the discussion.

Choose a great thumbnail
A thumbnail is a small picture that represents a link to a large image. Once you upload a video, YouTube generates three thumbnails for you. One of these images will generally come right from the middle of your video. Try editing your video to make sure you have a great shot in the middle. You should choose the thumbnail that most accurately represents your video. Since the pictures are so small, your best bet will be a clear picture with a primary subject such as a human face or finished product.

Respond to comments
Conversation is one of the best ways to draw notice to your content. You do not need to respond to every single comment, but an active comment board will make viewers more invested in your video. Not only will this engage visitors and help them remember the video, you may encourage return viewers who check in on the conversation. Stay aware that YouTube comments can be heated and sometimes entirely irrelevant. You should avoid encouraging these types of conversations.