Guy tweet punchline to joke ... 7 years later

File under Things That Brought the Internet Much Glee: On April 26, 2009, @MarcusLepage tweeted for the first time. He wrote, quite simply, "Going to sleep," at 11:32pm.

And then ... nothing, for just shy of seven years, until Tuesday morning, which brought this: "F---, I slept in." Cue the delightful responses, which feature words like "beautiful" and "gold" and plenty of "LMAO." The Daily Dot's screenshot of his 8-hours-old tweet showed 120 followers and 3,100 retweets.

Fast forward to just over 24 hours, and he's up to nearly 3,000 followers and 33,555 retweets. A few Twitter users tried to fill the Twit-Van-Winkle in on what he had missed.

@Bluizor noted, "Kobe retired, Trumps running for President, OpTic are freaks, COD is dying and Tony Abbott is still a sh-- bloke." The Daily Dot notes it could be a new sort of Twitter-joke record.

In 2014, @DrFNFurter grabbed headlines: On May 7, 2009, he tweeeted in quick succession, "So, come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab! / I see you shiver with antici ..." But the Rocky Horror lyric wasn't finished for precisely five years, reports Buzzfeed, when he tweeted "... pation." @DrFNFurter hasn't tweeted since.

As for @MarcusLepage, he's now up to three tweets. After a frenzied Tuesday, he wrote, "Long day! Going back to sleep." (This wasn't the only epic joke of the week.)

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