Griffin StudioConnect iPad Dock Struck By Lightning Port

There’re a lot of docks out there that don’t work with the 4th-generation iPad and iPad mini’s Lightning ports, but today at CES 2013 Griffin ensured that techie musicians can scratch the StudioConnect off that list.

Known for it’s ability to to turn the iPad into a tool for music creation, the Studio Connect previously utilized Apple’s 30-pin connector, supporting only the third-generation iPad and the iPad 2. Now, for $149.99, StudioConnect can also help newer iPads serve as musical gateways for MIDI devices, instruments with a ¼-inch jack such as a guitar or bass, and audio mixers.

This version of the Studio Connect performs all the same tricks: there’s an audio-out headphone port with dedicated volume controls, MIDI-In port with a standard 5-pin connector, and a MIDI-out option that can accept a sequencer, patch bay, or another MIDI device. Plus, the StudioConnect can charge the iPad even while the next Bruno Mars fine-tunes his tunes. The new StudioConnect will be available in spring 2013.