Gigabyte's New P2542G Gaming Notebook Packs Quad-Core Power, GeForce GTX660M GPU

Yesterday Gigabyte announced its U2442V Ultrabook and its brother, the U2442N. Ultrabook unveils have a nasty habit of overshadowing other interesting product releases, and that's exactly the case with Gigabyte's P2542G gaming notebook.

Though gaming systems are almost the bread and butter for Gigabyte, this baby is equally as interesting as the company's first Ultrabook, thanks to quad-core power (Ivy Bridge when the notebook ships in May) and amped-up Nvidia GeForce GTX660M graphics to enjoy on a 1920 x 1080 15.6-inch screen. The P2542G also has a Thunderbolt port, along with two USB 3.0 connections, HDMI and a Blu-ray disk.

And let's not overlook the eye-catching design. Gigabyte gave the P2542G a snazzy yellow lid that stands out from the crowd of subdued aluminum-finished notebooks. Look for the notebook in May for a starting price of about $1,350.