Game on: Best apps for March Madness, baseball's spring training, and hockey time

It's that time of year -- March Madness, the height of hockey season, and the excitement growing for baseball's spring training. Get connected to all the action with these apps.

NHL GameCenter
NHL GameCenter is a destination for hockey fans. Set up customizable game alerts and get detailed play-by-play with scores. Get interactive with the 3D Ice Tracker feature and live streaming video and radio. The app is also a handy reference for team schedules, stats, and player profiles.

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Mobilewalla Score: 84 out of 100

Basketball Madness
It's March Madness, so fill out your bracket and follow your college teams. Everyone's doing it.

The Basketball Madness app keeps you up to date on standings for both NCAA men and women. You can also check out teams to watch, player info and comments and other news in the basketball world.

More On This...

If you have a question about a referee call, just click the Basketball Rulebook for reference. And you can get involved in the basketball chatter using the iMarchMadness Fan Blog.

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Mobilewalla Score: 79 out of 100

If the NBA is more your thing, most teams have their own app, like the New York Knicks -- a good place to go if you need your Lin-sanity fix.

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Mobilewalla Score: 84 out of 100

Spring Training Guide
Next at bat: baseball's pre-season. The Spring Training Guide app connects you with the teams, and includes a full travel guide of ballparks across the country. If you are traveling to Florida or Arizona to watch the action, the local tour guide feature, travel tips, and weather updates will come in handy.

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