Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Uploads for Android

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Have you ever used Google+'s instant photo-upload feature or Apple's Photostream and said to yourself, "Gee, I wish Facebook included this"? Self-muse no more: Facebook is testing a "Photo Sync" feature for Android devices that will automatically upload any pictures you take with your phone to a private Facebook photo folder.

The Verge reports that only a "really small" number of users have access to Photo Sync currently, but the feature already has a page in Facebook's Help Center that dishes out in-depth details about the feature.

Facebook sets a 2GB cap on the amount of photos you can privately sync, and you can choose to sync solely over Wi-Fi if you're worried about blasting through your mobile data allotment. Uploaded photos can be shared in a post or a private message if you'd like.

There's no guarantee that Photo Sync will ever get the nod as a full-fledged, fully rolled-out feature, but if you want to see if you're able to partake in the testing phase just boot up the Android Facebook app, head to the Photos section in your Timeline and look for a "Sync" button. If it's there, you're in. (I'm not.)