DT Daily: How long do I have to wait for Windows 10?

It's Wednesday July 29th, the official launch day for Windows 10. The new operating system is a free upgrade for windows 7 and 8 users, but don't expect to just start downloading and installing it right away. Microsoft is making this a hands off process, meaning most users will have to wait until the installation software has downloaded in the background to their device. If you don't see the pop up notification, you may have to get your computer ready with a few updates to your current operating system. Here is a guide on how to get ready for Windows 10.

Major record labels are threatening to pull their music from YouTube, claiming that the video site is one of the music industry's worst distribution partners. Unnamed executives from Universal, Sony, and Warner say it pays creators very little revenue, and lacks transparency, which could force a major lock down of the content. While you shouldn't expect labels to pull their artists' music from the service in one fell swoop they will be pressuring YouTube to revise its business model. For more on this and all the latest news, go to Digital Trends dot com.