Lets You Access 'Cloud' Files on Your iPhone

By now, people probably know that "the cloud" refers to some server farm that holds their data such as emails for photos. But rarely is there just one "cloud." People can have documents in Dropbox, on Google Drive in Gmail attachments and, of course, on their own PCs., a new free app for iPhones and iPads, allows you to access multiple clouds from one app. You enter the logins for services like Dropbox and Google to see the documents stored there, including word processing docs, spreadsheets, PDFs and even image files. Installing an application for Macs and PCs also let you access, over the Internet, whatever is on those computers.

The home screen features a simple set of buttons for each connected service — such as Dropbox and Gmail attachments. But it's generally more important to find the file than to know where exactly it came from. So a universal search allows you to sift through all the clouds (and PCs) at once, as well as to filter files by type, such as doc and PowerPoint.

It's possible to edit files in the app as well as forward them by email or transfer them to other cloud services.

Available in the App store, the free app currently supports Gmail attachments (going back 30 days), Google Drive and Dropbox files, and online access to files on your computer iPhone or iPad. (The company said that an Android version is in the works but didn't give a time frame.)

The home screen on the app incudes two buttons labeled "Coming Soon." said that they will likely be for supporting multiple computers, email accounts or cloud service accounts, but not necessarily any other services such as Microsoft Cloud Drive or Evernote, for example.

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