Color and Verizon To Give Backstage Access to SNL

Remember Color, that photo-sharing app that once garnered heaps of attention for securing $41 million in venture capital funding pre-launch, only to quickly descend into obscurity once it were live in the app stores? Everyone had written it off as unsuccessful, but recently they struck a multi-year deal with Verizon, and we wondered whether the company was still relevant after all. Late Tuesday, it became apparent what exactly this deal was going to yield.

In case you'd forgotten, Color was an iPhone and Android app that let you take and share pictures only with the people around you. Later on, the company evolved to utilize Facebook's Open Graph and stream 30-second video clips live to friends. Then last week, Color announced it was upping its game by partnering up with Big Red.

Now, apparently, Saturday Night Live is hopping onto this collaboration as well. In a post on Color's blog, the company explained that SNL would utilize Color technology in next week's show to broadcast behind-the-scene clips live as cast members get ready for the show, and even more backstage clips during commercial breaks. It also said users could look forward to getting exclusive content during SNL's finale.

Of course, leveraging Verizon's 4G LTE network is how Color will be able to get this off the ground in the first place. Since Verizon is also going to start offering Color as part of its pre-installed apps package in new Android smartphones, you can expect that Color will be gaining a much larger user base very, very soon. Does that mean that Color is actually poised to take off now? Only time will tell, but rest assured that we'll be watching developments on our end closely.

via Color and Facebook; Top image via Color