Bigger iPhone 6 may face delays over reported battery issues

Apple's iPhone 6 could arrive in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variations this year, but those clamoring for the latter may have to hold their breath a bit longer. According to Taiwan's Commercial Times, the purported phablet-sized iPhone could be delayed a year due to battery production issues.

As pointed out by CNET, battery manufacturers are having a hard time crafting a battery that would fit within the thin frame Apple wants for its 5.5-incher. According to the Commercial Times, the larger iPhone 6 would require a battery that is a maximum of 2 millimeters thick, whereas the average battery sits at 2.8 millimeters.

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A previous report from Reuters noted that display production for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 would start before that of the 5.5-inch variation, which some suppliers are calling the "iPhone Air." However, that report made no mention of battery troubles.

Whether it's dubbed the "iPhone Air," "iPhablet" or something entirely new, a 5.5-inch iPhone may have to wait until 2015. At least one version of Apple's iPhone 6 is still expected to hit shelves this September, with purported features like a blazing A8 processor and resilient sapphire crystal display.