AppMobi SDK Creates Massively Cross Platform Games for Mobile Devices

Gaming on multiple mobile devices can pose a bit of challenge, especially when the devices are from different manufacturers. Developers have an even harder time, being forced to create multiple versions of a game for iOS and the various versions of Android. appMobi hopes to put an end to all the headaches with its innovative SDK.

Using the cloud-based SDK, appMobi users can create a single game in HTML5 and apply it to several different operating systems without doubling their work. The software takes the developer's code and applies it to a number of device including the iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Nobles Nook tablet. The game can also be adapted for the open web

Aside from creating a working template of a game for multiple platforms, appMobi provides a number of features that HTML5 doesn't provide such as push notifications, analytics, in-game messaging and purchases, Facebook integration and ads. In fact, appMobi allows developers with a number of games to promote their other products in their games, increasing traffic dramatically.

appMobi has even created a sample game called "Boom Town," to provide potential users with a model of what details a successful game should entail. Touted as the "first massively cross platform game developed for HTML5," the western-based matching game is available on Apple App Store, Google Play (Android Market), Google Chrome Store, and on Facebook. It will also be coming to the Amazon Appstore, Nook App Store, and the Intel AppUp store.

Developers can download and develop with SDK for free. appMobi only charges developers if their game amasses 10,000 monthly visitors and even then only charges $.10 per download. That's much cheaper than the Apple store that charges 30 percent.

Providing an inexpensive, comprehensive development solution, appMobi is a solid solution for app developers searching for a way to maximize their product's exposure.