Apple Squashes Bugs with iOS 6.0.1 OTA Update

The release of Apple Maps and the ensuing fiasco cast a shadow over the release of iOS 6, but in retrospect, it also helped to downplay some of the niggling little bugs and quirks found in the new operating system. A month and a half after iOS 6's launch, Apple is pushing out iOS 6.0.1 to polish the some of the operating system's rougher edges.

The update occurs over the air, but that's a problem in and of itself: the iPhone 5 apparently contains a bug that prevents it from receiving OTA fixes over Wi-Fi connections. Fortunately, Apple found a way around it. The Next Web reports that owners of Apple's latest and greatest handset will first have to download an Updater app when prompted, then tap the new icon on your home screen to start receiving iOS 6.0.1.

Most of the fixes brought by the update are more technical in nature. The patch corrects a problem the iPhone 5 and iPod touch ran into when connecting to WPA2 protected networks, for instance, as well as the issue some iPhones had accessing cellular networks. The "horizontal line" keyboard glitch reported by many users has also been fixed. Here are the other bugs iOS 6.0.1 squashes: