Aaron Sorkin on Steve Jobs Movie: It's Like Writing About The Beatles

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Writer Aaron Sorkin shed some light on his script for the movie adaptation of Steve Jobs' biography at D10, and it looks like its going to be anything but straightforward. Sorkin said that "it's difficult to shake the cradle-to-grave structure" of biographies but that he's "probably going to instead identify a point of friction" and focus on that.

The writer of "The Social Network" also shared that he's a little nervous about taking on such an iconic character in Jobs, someone who is so revered. "One of the hesitations I have is that it's a little bit writing bout the Beatles," Sorkin said. He sees a potential "mindfield of disappointment" and told us he's still doing his research.

The very humble-sounding Sorkin went on to say that, any time you are at the movies and you see the words based on a true story you should "think of it as a painting and not a photograph."

So who is going to play Steve Jobs? Apparently, the role has not yet been cast, but Sorkin emphasized that the person will be able to talk fast and will be very smart. "There's a lot of things an actor can fake and intelligence is not one of them." Sorkin says he's always enjoyed writing about people who are smarter than he is.

Sorkin actually sounded a lot like Jobs during the beginning of his interview with Walt Mossberg, saying that he doesn't write things based on what he thinks people might like but on what he likes and what he thinks his friends will like.

As for Ashton Kutcher's separate Steve Jobs flick, Sorkin says "there's room for more than one movie." But based on this conversation and Sorkin's pedigree, this biopic seems like the one that people will be really waiting to see.