3 Tips To Keep You Social Privacy On Twitter

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As a service devoted to short and sweet communication, the ways for publicly embarrassing yourself are blissfully few, beyond tweeting something asinine. Still, Twitter’s relatively barebones functionality offers a few interesting pitfalls worth addressing.

The most obvious is that, unlike Facebook, your tweets are by default viewable by the entire world (that’s the idea), and so anything you post can (and if you’re any good, will) be shared across the globe instantly. But just because you share your thoughts doesn’t mean you give up all rights to privacy. Here are a few things to protect.

1. Stop Broadcasting Your Exact Location

Twitter’s geotagging feature shouts out your location when you post updates. That can be risky behavior not only for your privacy and that of those you tweet about at the time, but at the extremes could be an issue for your physical safety (or a trusty method for enterprising robbers to case your crib). Here’s how to turn that off.