West Brom's Rondon fears for family and friends in Venezuela

Salomon Rondon says he always dreads returning to Venezuela to visit family and friends.

The West Brom striker admits he fears for his life when he travels back to the country's capital Caracas, which the 26-year-old describes as "a dangerous place".

Gang-related kidnapping of residents, particularly those with wealthy relatives, is commonplace and Rondon knows his own family are at risk on a daily basis.

He told The Times: "If I am with them, it is always at home. We never go out. I try not to draw any attention to myself when I am there.

"The city is chaos. It is worse now than when I was still living in Venezuela. You cannot live there now. Life in Caracas is not life.

"I worry about my family every day. Very few people know who my family are. I do not want anyone to know, and it is the same for my wife and children.

"That could place them in danger. There is a risk of kidnapping. My family are proud of what I am. I have to make sacrifices but I prefer to make this sacrifice and have them alive."