Welterweight Brandon Rios Has Beef With Victor Ortiz, Says Former Friend Should 'Give Up Boxing'

Brandon Rios, details his intense rivalry with Victor Ortiz in an exclusive sit-down interview with FOX 11's James Koh.

Unlike other manufactured fighter dramas, Rios said his beef with his former friend and training partner is very real with Rios claiming Ortiz orchestrated threats that ultimately led to one man pulling a gun on Rios back in 2008.

"He got people to come after us, me and (trainer) Robert (Garcia)," Rios said. "He was having people call my phone, making threats saying ‘You better keep Victor Ortiz's name out of your mouth.'"

"One day I showed up at my girlfriend, now my wife's, house and I parked in the driveway, but all of a sudden a truck pulled up behind me and it was the same guy that had been calling me, threatening me, because I had seen him before," Rios said. "So he parked behind me, jumped out and pointed a pistol at me and I took off running."

"My wife came out of the house, she tried to run back inside to call the cops, but she slipped and she cracked her head open," Rios said. "Ever since then it's like you want me to respect you, to talk to you and be your friend after this incident? Come on."

Rios was adamant in saying that he believes Ortiz was the man ultimately behind the threats but also admitted he had no hard evidence that his accusations were true. Rios said he opted not to file a police report regarding the unidentified gunman.

FOX 11 reached out to representatives for Ortiz and his promoter, Golden Boy Promotions. Neither provided comment.

We grew up together, I knew this guy since he was 8, I used to go to his house, I know his whole family," Rios said. "Robert Garcia brought me here to California and I moved in with Robert at his house where Victor was also living and after that, little by little, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy but I don't know why."

Rios, who is currently angling for a fight with Russian slugger Ruslan Provodnikov, said while he would love to fight Ortiz (29-5-2), he doesn't believe the fight will ever happen because of promotional conflicts. Rios is currently promoted by Top Rank while Ortiz is promoted by rival Golden Boy Promotions.

But Rios (31-2-1) said if the fight ever does materialize, he would have the mental edge.

"I'll make him quit," Rios said. "I'll make him quit at the press conference."

Rios even went a step further saying the former WBO lightweight champ should stop fighting all-together.

"I think Ortiz should give up boxing," Rios said. "Come on, he got dropped in two rounds (versus Luis Collazo). He doesn't have a chin anymore, he's just doing it for money."

When asked if he believed Ortiz had simply been through too many damaging fights Rios responded, "Not too many wars, he just doesn't have the heart."

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