Watch: Rangers' mascot Captain scares fan with spider-on-fishing-pole gag

Spiders are frightening to a lot of people -- especially when they materialize out of thin air right in front of your face.

One Texas Rangers fan found that out the hard way Tuesday night. While she was looking at her phone (and not looking toward the field of play), the Rangers' mascot Captain seized the opportunity. Using a fishing pole, he carefully lowered a fake spider right in front of the unsuspecting patron's face, and ... well, she reacted pretty much how you'd expect somebody to react to that:

This probably wouldn't have happened had she been looking at the game rather than her phone at the moment Captain sauntered over to her area. Also, those heads-up messages at ballparks to 'remain alert' (aka 'don't bury your head at your smartphone screen if you can help it') in order to avoid thrown and/or batted balls and bats can also save you from the unfortunate fate of humiliation-by-mascot.

Let this be a lesson ...