'Tom Brady Sketch,' 'Beast Mode' are running for president in 2016

When Tom Brady appeared in court for a Deflategate hearing earlier this month, the Internet went ballistic after catching wind of his courtroom sketch. Memes were created left and right in what was probably (not) the most iconic courtroom sketch of all time.

Well, the "Tom Brady Sketch" phenomenon hasn't died down yet, as now it's running for president. Yes, that's the president of the United States.

This is all made possible because of the fact that the Federal Election Commission allows any U.S. citizen to nominate someone (or something, apparently) for presidential candidacy. And it appears as though someone wants "Tom Brady Sketch" to be our country's next leader.

"Tom Brady Sketch" wasn't the only hilarious write-in candidate. Rocky Balboa, Marshawn Lynch, Beast Mode, and Forrest Gump are also running for office. Lynch is running for the Peace and Freedom party, because he's only running so he doesn't get fined.

The full list of all 867 people -- both serious and not -- can be found on the FEC's website for your viewing pleasure.

(h/t FEC.gov)