To the victors go the spoils: Royals do late-night TV circuit

The Kansas City Royals haven't slept much since winning the World Series on Sunday night, then coming home and doing a parade and victory celebration with about 800,000 of their closest friends on Tuesday. And from the Department of No Rest for the Weary come a couple of late-night TV appearances for a few more of the world champions.

World Series MVP Salvador Perez and first baseman Eric Hosmer did The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York on Wednesday night. Meanwhile in Hollywood, the trio of third baseman Mike Moustakas, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie and catcher Drew Butera helped actor Eric Stonestreet collect on a World Series bet on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Perez and Hosmer talked with Fallon about the Series, including what the host considered Hosmer's ill-advised -- yet ultimately successful -- dash home in the top of the ninth inning of Game 5.

The players also watched a 1986 commercial in which Bret Saberhagen rapped, followed by an updated version to honor the 2015 team, and then an appearance by the two-time Royals Cy Young Award winner himself.

Fittingly, Salvy treated Fallon with the same respect he accorded star players doing postgame interviews all season long.

In California, Stonestreet -- a star of Modern Family who grew up in Kansas City and loves the Royals -- brought three Royals with him to help assault Kimmel with paintball pellets. Such was the payoff for Stonestreet winning his bet with Kimmel, a Mets fan -- and a good sport, no doubt.

It's good to be kings.