Talk of Art Briles' possible return 'unbelievable' to alleged victim's family

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On Friday, Baylor announced that it had launched a task force to implement Pepper Hamilton's 105 recommendations regarding sexual assault protocol at the school. Then, less than 72 hours later, Baylor was making headlines again.

According to multiple reports, Baylor's Board of Regents was considering a one-year suspension of Art Briles, meaning he eventually could be given back control despite the fact that a nine-month investigation had determined the football program under his watch "posed a risk to campus safety and the integrity of the University."

In addition, a prominent Baylor donor told the Dallas Morning News he'd like to see Briles come back, while a former BU board chairman told the Waco Tribune that Briles "certainly deserves to be reinstated."

Even though it turned out there was no board vote on Briles' status Monday night, it's still been appalling to some that there's been any talk of Briles possibly returning after a cooling-off period. FOX Sports spoke with a family member of one of the alleged Baylor rape victims on Tuesday night, and he said it's "unbelievable that they would even entertain the idea."

The man paused for a moment and then gave a more detailed answer.

"I'm surprised they haven't (shot it down) because it's a place in crisis mode, and they're trying to recover their image," he said. "But then again, I'm not really that surprised because obviously this type of thing has been their method of action all along. We were led to believe one thing that was happening, when it wasn't. It's actually very similar to how they handled things before (in their case).

"This is a very dirty place that we've seen has been very conniving and low down. It's hard to fathom because not only is this a university, but it's a Christian university."

He said he's also bothered that Briles' staff has remained (aside from two off-field staffers). "Those other guys still being there is a huge problem."

Asked how his family has felt this week about the possibility of Briles returning to Baylor, the man conceded it angered him, "but," he added, "I've hit that point now that I don't know if I can get any madder."