Super Bowl XLVI Tickets for Sale

If you're making plans to head to Indianapolis, your first stop should be online to see just how much you'll have to shell out for tickets.

According to Stub Hub, the cheapest ticket right now will cost you about $2,400 for a seat in the end zone. The most expensive seat is a full suite at $1.1 million.

The Boston Globe reports many hotels are putting together packages for their rooms that include tickets but you won't be able to book them online.

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Also, you want to keep an eye out for special packages on some of those internet coupon sites.

Groupon offered one deal to cover your accommodations, tickets, and access to all the fan festivities for $7,500, but that deal expired Sunday.

And if you get to Indy, you can take part in the media hoopla. The NFL is opening up Super Bowl Media Day to 5,000 fans at Lucas Oil Stadium on Jan. 31st. That's where all the players give their pre-game interviews.

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