Steve Smith blasts Greg Hardy's innocence claim: 'So I guess she tripped'

Steve Smith and Greg Hardy were teammates with the Carolina Panthers for four seasons, but Smith isn't buying what Greg Hardy said about having never laid a hand on a woman.

"So I guess she Tripped on the carpet or something," Smith said in a tweet Monday. "my mom is a Survivor #DV and I am advocate against #DV"

ESPN released excerpts of an interview with Hardy on Monday that Smith attached to his tweet. In that interview, which will air in full on Tuesday, Hardy maintains his innocence in a domestic violence incident between Hardy and his former girlfriend in 2014 -- even though pictures later surfaced of the injuries she suffered. (Hardy's domestic abuse charges were expunged when the case fell apart on appeal.)

Hardy, 27, remains unsigned after playing 12 games for the Cowboys in 2015. He had 15 sacks in 2013, the last year he and Smith were teammates for the Panthers. He played just one game in 2014 after the incident and was signed by the Cowboys last offseason before serving a four-game suspension in 2015. The interview is likely an attempt to convince teams he's learned from his past mistakes, but Smith doesn't seem ready to take Hardy at his word.