SOCHI SCENE: Olympic delicacy

Some of the most popular concession stands near the medals plaza in the Olympic Park sell crepes.

The sunflower-decked stands contain three women wearing white ruffled blouses and orange aprons working elbow to elbow in a tight space. One takes orders and payment, another cooks up the crepes and the third stuffs them into paper tubes before handing them through a tiny window.

Seeing the cook pour the batter onto two griddles, use a wooden tool to smooth out the batter, flip the crepes, layer on the ingredients, and neatly fold it up is like watching a ballet. She makes quick and precise moves to keep the crepes from burning, and just as one is done, another is begun.

The menu features savory crepes containing red caviar, ground beef and cheese, ham and cheese, and a selection of sweet crepes stuffed with strawberry and vanilla cream, and chocolate and yogurt cheese. Prices range from 150 rubles to 600 rubles (about $4 to $16) for small or large. Lines are frequent at the stands, with customers watching through two windows to see their food made.

— By Beth Harris — Twitter


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