Russia's newest star in figure skating says she wants to add a lot more gold to her collection.

Adelina Sotnikova told reporters Friday she's looking forward to more competitions and more wins in events where she's fallen short in the past. When asked what she plans to do next, the 17-year-old said she has new goals, most immediately winning the world championships — several times.

"I want all the gold that there is out there — everything that exists in figure skating," Sotnikova said. "In all events, in all competitions."

And if the titles aren't enough to drive her, she's got a budding rival to keep her on her toes. Sotnikova said she's thankful for her teammate Julia Lipnitskaia and the mini-rivalry they have with one another.

Lipnitskaia, a 15-year-old sensation who called her fifth-place result in the individual competition disappointing, sees Sotnikova as something of a foil, too.

"It's always easier to skate when you have someone to spar against," she said.

— By Oskar Garcia — Twitter http://twitter.com/oskargarcia


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