Safety First: Todd Bowles bans Segways from Jets facilities

The hottest new mode of transportation this year has been the Segway board. Athletes have been spotted riding them in locker rooms and in the tunnels of the arenas, which must give coaches and executives severe anxiety.

The New York Jets had adopted the Segway phenomenon this offseason, but head coach Todd Bowles has put an end to the trend. When asked if he banned the boards, Bowles said "most definitely."

"You won't see 'em anymore," Bowles told Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. "They don't ride their bikes and skateboards in the building, they don't need to ride their Segways in the building."

Let the criticism of the "No Fun League" begin, but Bowles isn't wrong for banning his players from riding them. Videos of people injuring themselves while riding Segways have flooded the web, bringing guilty laughter to viewers everywhere.

Running back Stevan Ridley was one of the Jets players who rode Segways around this summer, so he was fairly disappointed to hear the new rule.

"We were loving 'em," Ridley said. "I was loving 'em! The hallway's ... 200 yards. So he shot me in the heart when he told me I couldn't use it anymore."

Ridley, who's coming off of a torn ACL and is currently on the PUP list, can't afford to suffer a setback on his need. And for that reason, Bowles is just trying to protect his players.

"He ruled 'em out," Ridley said. "I guess it's hunting season. He killed all the ducks."

(h/t New York Daily News)