Ranting on every team's draft board

With the NFL Draft finally finished, get the real uncensored scoop on every team's draft from Adam Schein.

Pick out your favorite team as Schein marks his hits and misses around the NFL war rooms.

NFC EAST AFC EAST As usual, the NFC East teams were in the thick of the draft madness -- with both the Eagles and Cowboys trading up in the first round.

But Schein save most of his ire for the host team for the draft, which he says was "terrible." WATCH VIDEO The Jets were their new aggressive selves, Miami got creative in trading down and the Bills pulled a real surprise at No. 9 overall.

But Schein explains how once again, Bill Belichick just seems a step ahead of everyone. WATCH VIDEO NFC NORTH AFC NORTH The NFC North has been controlled by the Vikings, Packers and Bears (oh my!) for over a decade while Motown has fallen on hard times.

Not for long, according to Schein, who just loves what the Lions did in the NFL Draft. WATCH VIDEO Every year, the Ravens come out of the draft leaving people wondering, "How did they do it again?" Why should 2010 be different?

The reason: The Wizard of Oz, Ozzie Newsome. Schein tells why once again the Ravens rule April. WATCH VIDEO NFC SOUTH AFC SOUTH Most NFL experts were utterly shocked with how far QB Jimmy Clausen fell before landing with the Panthers in the second round.

But Schein says it was the Super Bowl champs who may just have the steal of the entire draft. WATCH VIDEO While the Texans improved, and the Colts and Titans went about their normal routine of crafty drafting, then there were the Jags.

No offense to J-ville's first-round pick, really, but instead Schein has a draft lesson for the Jags. WATCH VIDEO NFC WEST AFC WEST Most of the post-draft hubbub out West has focused on Pete Carroll and all the picks/trades his team made to turn around Seattle.

But Schein reminds folks not to dump on the 49ers, who bulked up big-time on the front line. WATCH VIDEO No player has taken more of a roller-coaster ride through the NFL Draft process in league history than QB Tim Tebow.

While many folks have ripped Josh McDaniels for investing so much on Tebow, Schein loves it. WATCH VIDEO