Raiders Hall of Famer Tim Brown recalls his top L.A. moments

Tim Brown entered the league as a Los Angeles Raider. He exited as a Hall of Famer from Oakland's team.

The all-time receiver has some great memories of both cities. But with the Raiders inching ever closer to an L.A. return, he can't help but remember his first seven NFL seasons.

Nothing edges out Brown's 97-yard kickoff return in 1988. He was a rookie, it was the first time he touched the ball, and he says it was the biggest play of his entire career.

One game against Seattle comes close, though. Brown says he made not three, not four, but five separate blocks to spring Ethan Horton's 51-yard touchdown pass.

Recalled Brown: "I made a block right at the initial point of the catch, then cut all the way across the field and blocked two more guys, and then ran Ethan down and ran another guy down and blocked."

Brown created his fair share of highlight reel plays in southern California. Most of them meant more to Brown than they did to his team -- like a 39-yard preseason punt return he notched a year after knee surgery, or a touchdown pass he had against the rival Rams.

That catch came in 1988 too. It's odd to consider now, but Brown was once a rookie in Los Angeles who wanted to prove he belonged.

"Anything I did my rookie year was to quiet all the critics who said I couldn't do it at the next level," he said.

He proved he could -- in a city where his former team may soon call home again.

(h/t Los Angeles Times) Kirby Lee -- USA TODAY Sports