Psychology expert: Chiefs player's orphaned daughter better off with single primary caregiver

A child psychology expert says the 9-month-old daughter of a Kansas City Chiefs player who fatally shot the baby's mother and then himself should have just one primary caregiver.

Carrie Contey, a human development specialist from Texas, testified Tuesday in a custody hearing in Kansas City to determine who will care for Zoey Belcher, the daughter of former linebacker Jovan Belcher.

Zoey was orphaned Dec. 1 when Belcher fatally shot Kasandra Perkins in their home and then killed himself in front of officials at Arrowhead Stadium.

Jovan Belcher's mother, Cheryl Shepherd, is challenging Perkins' family for custody of Zoey.

Contey says dividing the custody of Zoey between the two families would put too much stress on the child.