Ohio Valley Conference approves new entrance fee, changes exit fees for league members

Schools wanting to join the Ohio Valley Conference will have to pay new entrance fees, while members wanting to leave face new exit fees.

The Ohio Valley Conference announced the changes Monday after wrapping up its annual spring meetings last Friday.

Commissioner Beth DeBauche said the changes were made thinking of the future.

Joining the OVC now will cost a lump sum of $150,000 for a Division II university or $100,000 for a Division I school, a jump from only having to pay the admission expenses.

Leaving with two years' notice will cost $500,000 plus forfeiting year-end and basketball revenue distributions for two years. Previously, schools forfeited their share of the league's distributions. The fee for bolting with less than two years' notice had been $200,000, and now will cost $750,000 plus forfeiting distributed money.