Obama welcomes Ravens to White House

President Barack Obama welcomed the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens to the White House on Wednesday.

The President singled out quarterback Joe Flacco for his Most Valuable Player winning performance against the San Francisco 49ers.

"Good timing with that contract up," the President said to a group of laughter. "That was some good timing."

Following the Super Bowl effort, the Ravens inked Flacco to a reported six- year, $120.6 million deal.

"Capped off one of the greatest post-seasons ever by a quarterback -- more than 11,000 passing yards, 11 touchdowns, no interceptions," Obama added. "I don't know about you, Joe, but I would say that qualifies as [elite]. And I'd say that if you keep on playing like that, you're going to challenge [Vice President Joe] Biden for the most popular person from Delaware."

Obama was presented with a Ravens jersey with the uniform No. 44 with the words MR. PRESIDENT on the back.

Obama also spoke about future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis and how he bounced back from an injury.

"Ray retired on top, coming back from a triceps injury, which I believe was caused by that dance he does," the President added. "You got to do that ... but -- no, I'm not doing that dance. It caused him to miss most of the regular season."

Obama announced that the Ravens would donate brand new uniforms for varsity football and girls' basketball teams at public schools all across Baltimore, a total of 42 teams.

"So this year, Baltimore won't just be seeing the Ravens on Sundays or Monday night or Thursday night. You'll see their impact in high schools under Friday night lights. And that's a testimony to the connection they feel to this city," Obama said.