Now with Chargers, Dwight Freeney can't wait to get after former teammate Peyton Manning

Dwight Freeney has already visualized sacking Peyton Manning.

Freeney and Manning were teammates with the Indianapolis Colts for 10 seasons, but the defensive end could never hit the quarterback in practice.

Now he can get after Manning all he wants, twice a season.

Freeney, who went through his first practice with the San Diego Chargers on Wednesday, will face Manning and the AFC West rival Denver Broncos on Nov. 10 and Dec. 12.

Plus, he'll face the Colts at San Diego on Oct. 14.

Although his sack numbers have declined each of the last three seasons, the 33-year-old Freeney says he still feels good and hopes for a big year.

He agreed to a two-year contract with the Chargers on May 18, literally as he was boarding a jet for a European vacation.