Neymar is spending his summer doing crazy trick shots

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Neymar wasn't allowed to play in Copa America Centenario, so until he gets back on the pitch to get ready for the Olympics, he's got time to kill. And he's killing it by doing trick shots, like juggling the ball then kicking it into the trunk of a car from an impossible angle.

Is that a fake? Maybe. But it's cool regardless, and he probably could do that anyway.

Neymar has spent much of his summer in the United States so far. And hanging out with Justin Bieber.

First it was keepy-ups with Bieber. And then it was watching Brazil with Bieber. Mainly, a lot of Bieber.

At least one fan isn't very happy with that budding friendship and not even a cool trick shot can change her mind.

Harsh. Not that Neymar will care much. When you're as skilled as him, you can do what you want.