MLB Loses Its Pioneer Latino GM

Omar Minaya, Major League Baseball’s first Hispanic general manager, has been fired.

The New York Mets parted ways with Minaya after six years of service. The team also let go of manager Jerry Manuel.

“We need to have some new ideas and some different thoughts on what we have here,” said Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon.

The Mets have not announced replacements yet.

After two years of losing season – following a couple of late-season collapses – the Mets decided to clean house, the owners said.

“The last four years have been the most painful to me, and probably the most disappointing in what is over 30 years (as owner),” said owner Fred Wilpon.

With Minaya at the helm, the Mets – with a $133 million payroll – had a string of heartbreaking seasons after a coming within a game of the 2006 World Series. The team blew a seven-game with 17 games remaining the following season.

Since then, Minaya signed several high-priced free agent, who either underperformed or suffered injuries.

“Yes, we did have injuries, but everybody has injuries,” said Minaya, who was under contract through 2012. “The bottom line is we didn’t get it done.”

Minaya became baseball’s first Hispanic general manager for the now-defunct Expos in 2002. He assumed his role with the Mets two years later.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.