Mike Evans explains wearing Johnny Manziel jersey at Texas A&M game

When Mike Evans attended Texas A&M's recent game against Alabama, he caught a ton of attention, for a few reasons.

Not only was it great to see Evans back on campus, but he was also wearing a Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns jersey, as you can see below from CLEsportsTalk.net's official Twitter.

Well, after hearing a bit of back-and-forth about his decision to wear Manziel's jersey just days after his old QB was in the news for being stopped by police for arguing with his girlfriend, Evans explained his reasoning.

According to Andrew Astleford of ESPN, Evans said there's nothing that makes you think of A&M football more than Manziel.

"I had bought it last year, and I thought it was the best time to wear it. You think Texas A&M, and you think Johnny Manziel, right?" Evans told ESPN as the Bucs returned from their bye week. "But it was a Browns jersey, so I guess I should have probably worn an A&M jersey. But I didn't have one, so I thought that would be the best thing."

This sort of just seems like one of those situations where people read into it a bit too much. With that said, Evans is a high-profile athlete, so he'll draw headlines regardless.

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