McKayla Maroney Not Impressed With Pool Being Closed, Memes Impressively Eating Themselves

It had to happen sooner or later: McKayla Maroney has summoned the ouroboros by appearing impressed with McKayla Is Not Impressed.

That's the latest Instagrammed pic from Maroney -- the real one. And it is fantastic, because it proves that teenagers who become the focal points of Internet memes for being dissatisfied for doing less than their best, which is also the best in the world, can, in fact, re-hijack their own narrative by acknowledging it with a wink.

She'd done that before, of course, but the picture takes it to the next level. It's like LeBron laughing about not having an NBA title in a McDonald's commercial.

It also allows me to do this:

Please shine on forever, McKayla Maroney.

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