Massachusetts hockey dad convicted in beating death at sons' scrimmage released from prison

A Massachusetts man who beat another man to death at their sons' hockey scrimmage has been released from prison.

Thomas Junta (JUN'-tah) of Reading received a six- to 10-year sentence in January 2002 for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Costin. The case drew widespread attention to the problem of parental violence at youth sporting events.

A Massachusetts prisons spokeswoman says Junta was released Thursday from Northeastern Correctional Center in Concord.

Junta testified that he confronted Costin after his son was elbowed in the face during a practice Costin was supervising in July 2000. He claimed Costin was the aggressor.

Witnesses said both men were belligerent, exchanging profanities before brawling in front of children.

The jury found Junta did not intend to kill Costin.